Headlight Restoration

We Make Them Look New Again!

Fogged headlight lenses not only make your car look old but also restrict the amount of light on the road ahead of you. Get them restored at Golden Rule Auto Care today! Below are a few examples of our work.





Free Services

*Free A/C Check

Our technicians will visually inspect for leaks in addition to connecting your vehicle to our precision instruments, which detect and check pressures vital to the performance of your system. *There may be a diagnostic fee if there are electrical problems with your A/C unit. You will be informed if we need to charge a diagnostic fee.

Free Vehicle Inspection

In the market for purchasing a vehicle? We will visually inspect the vehicle from top to bottom and report to you our findings. Let our technicians provide you the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.


We love our customers and our community!

**Free Code Retrieval

In the event of a check engine light, codes will be stored in your vehicle. Our technicians will connect your vehicle to our precision instruments to access the trouble codes. ** Reading the code from the vehicle is not always an indicator of what is wrong with your vehicle. If we need to further diagnose your vehicle, there will be a diagnostic fee. You will be informed if we need to charge a diagnostic fee.

Free Brake Check

Your braking experience should be comfortable, smooth and free of noise and vibration. If you feel uncomfortable, experience vibrations or hear noises, please come see us immediately.


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