Meet the Golden Rule Auto Care Team

Here is your chance to get to know us.

Colin - ASE C1, A5 - Service Manager

Colin is the face of the company or at least the face and voice you will hear most often when calling or stopping by Golden Rule Auto Repair. Colin knows the service industry, including bartending and his last stint in radio as a promotions manager. It was destiny for him to come and work for us after having worked for the classic rock station, Lone Star 92.5! Colin doesn't have any children yet, but he loves his nieces, Emma and Claire. The good thing is he gets to leave them with mom and dad when they get cranky. Colin also is a musician (drummer) who has played in just about every one of Chris' bands. And, Colin likes to get together with his father once a week and play racquetball. If you ask Colin about anything, it had better be Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys, that is! Oh, and ask him about his Dallas Cowboys art collection; it is VERY interesting.

Clifford - ASE C1 - Service Advisor

Clifford is Colin's partner in crime! Both of them are guilty of delivering you the best in customer care! Clifford is the proud father of two boys and one girl. He is also married to a wonderful wife, Kamala. I can say that in all honesty because she let him come to work for us! Here is an interesting fact about Clifford: he used to be one of our customers and liked what we did so much that he wanted to be a part of what we do. WOW, that is huge! Oh, and he is still a customer, too! Also, if you ever see a guy holding up a big bass or catfish on the side of Highway 66 yelling, don't worry. It isn't a mad man; it is probably Clifford!

Patrick - L1 ASE Master - Technician

Pat is a master certified technician who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Pat knows what it takes to keep a car running. Unlike many mechanics who are basically "parts changers," Pat uses an engineering understanding to troubleshoot and repair cars. The result is savings in the customer’s pocket. Pat is a family man with six children. He's a great dad and brings the same kind of caring that he has for his children into his work life. Feel free to walk to the back of the shop and ask what he is doing to your car. He will give you all of the information you need. You might even ask him about music (he plays the bass guitar), or about his kids, or challenge him to a game of chess (he loves games, especially chess), though you might prefer to wait until he has finished with your car.

Cisco - ASE A4, A5 - Technician

Cisco, whose full name is Francisco, is our technician who has worked with Patrick for many years in the past. Cisco is a family man with a wife and three children. And, he is a man of prayer and sandwiches! Sandwiches? Yes, Cisco likes to bring everyone in the shop his special ham and cheese toasted sandwiches in the morning! He fits right in with our crew and has the same expectations as the rest of us when it comes to delivering quality and service for your vehicle.

Jorge - ASE A4, A5 - Technician

Jorge likes candlelit dinners, walks on the beach...oh, wait...sorry, wrong bio. Jorge likes cars! Yes, after working on cars all day, he goes home and works on his own car! So you can say that Jorge is one of those lucky people who loves his job. Jorge has two other brothers (he is a middle child) and a girlfriend (sorry, ladies). He likes to listen to hip hop (we are trying to corrupt him with rock 'n' roll), and, lucky for him (and Colin), he LOVES the Dallas Cowboys. Now that I think about it, that is probably why Colin suggested we hire him so badly! All kidding aside, Jorge has proven to be a great addition to our growing business.

Micah - Ford Master Certified Diesel Technician

Meet Micah, our newest diesel technician. That's right, we now work on diesels! Micah is a Ford certified master diesel technician, who also happens to be a nice guy and fits right in with our group! Micah is happily married, and has a great sense of humor (we like humor, makes the day go faster). If you need any diesel services, let us know. Micah is ready to serve you (especially Ford trucks)!

Edgar - General Service Technician

Edgar, or sweet, gentle Edgar (as we like to call him), joined our team as a General Service Technician. This is sometimes the most demanding job in the shop because everyone is his boss. This shop does a ton of oil changes, tire rotations, alignments and inspections. All these jobs fall into Edgar's lap as well as keeping the shop extremely clean. So clean, in fact, that you can eat off the floors (yes, it has happened).

Justin - General Service Technician

Justin joined us to further his career as a technician. He has mentioned that the work can be challenging, and I, Chris, the author, agree. Golden Rule Auto Care is a place where standards are high, and exceeding expectations is our goal. Justin fits nicely into our crew, doesn’t talk much, and gets things done, a quality that most of us share (except Chris, who tends to ramble on sometimes).

Greg - ASE P2 - Service Writer in Training -

Greg is one of our newest team members. You will see him at the front counter helping Colin and Clifford. Greg has one great smile, and a fantastic personality. Greg's nickname around here is "parts procurement specialist" (say that fast twice). Greg is always seeking to make himself better, and always has an idea about how to improve things around here, and that is a good thing.

Christie - Back Office

Christie is a face you may see from time to time at the shop, but for the most part, she's working behind the scenes. She is very active with our social media and making sure Chris' grammar is proper in all things written (if it were not for spell and grammar check on computers, Chris would probably still be in high school). She also helps with our quality control audits and with marketing for

Chris - ASE C1 - Business Guy

If Pat is the brawn behind the business, Chris is the brains (or, so he thinks, but we have to let him do something). Chris runs the business side of the shop and is a natural entrepreneur. He is a software engineer by trade and has started several businesses on his own, using a "hands-on" approach to business. Chris has a lovely wife, Amy, who stands behind most of his crazy adventures, along with two adorable daughters. Chris is into self-improvement, and, if philosophy is your "thing," Chris enjoys sharing and listening. Chris also loves music and plays when he can. (Editor's Note: We love Chris, but he lives in a fantasy world where he knows things...and, does important stuff...) Read Chris' blog at!